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    The Story of a Horse by Jason Minnix Commissioned by STUDIOLEGGETT

    Patch and I started to share a piece of the journey last year when a neighbor asked “do you want a horse?”  I had not really thought about it, but as an animal lover my instinct said, “of course!”  The owner told me, “he’s too smart for his own good.”  His wife had fallen off him and hurt her neck.  Patch was what some call, “heavy handed.”  He had been abused some by the previous owner as I came discover when I lunged him.  Patch has been desperate to please me and has required so much soothing and reassurance that I mean him no harm.  In fact what others took for overthinking on his part, is a deep sensitivity and desire to not be hurt that he over anticipates what’s expected of him.  Can you imagine people wanting things from you, giving you mixed signals about what those things are, and then punishing you for getting it wrong though you’ve tried so hard to meet them?  This is part of Patch’s story.
    Now Patch pastures by the river during the summer.  In the winter he comes to my place where we get to know each other again and find our step together.  There is something that happens when we ride, times where we have 2 heads, 6 legs, 2 arms, one torso, one spirit.  Most mornings we walk around the yard and he walks by my side like a huge dog.  He likes to play chase with our other dogs and is confounded by our 2 emus.  If folks wonder whether animals have souls I invite them to spend some time with Patch.